Do you remember the film Desperado? A man dressed in black and carrying a guitar case walks into a bar. Silence – nervously the bartender asks “What’s in the guitar case?” and Antonio Banderas replies totally cool “My guitar”. As a matter of fact, the case is full of weapons and shortly after the whole place is reduced to rubble. It’s the same with Kalipo – the man, the myth. Eye witnesses just call him El Mariachi del Kollwitzplatz. A man, preceded by his reputation, enters the club. He opens his case, connects his live set-up, and shortly after the whole place is take apart.

Full house rhythms meet trancey techno-beats – melancholic melodies descend onto driven bass. Kalipo creates a compulsive live energy with analog synthesizers, drum machines & samplers, that leaves no one standing still in his wake. Jakob Häglsperger – the Mariachi’s real name – has got plenty of stage experience as part of electro-punk outfit Frittenbude and he is a cunning and a well-versed, versatile producer. Kalipo has got euphoric festival shows and international live performances under his belt and he regularly elates us with new releases.

Stay tuned.

Kalipo will be rocking 2017! Four to the rubble!

Press pics

Photos by Bastian Bochinski 2016


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