Let’s face it, what would be the indie-scene today without personalities such as Egotronic Mastermind Torsun Burkhardt?

A plain mass of pop-academy graduates, conservative squares and hyper-motivated over-archivers is following the aesthetic blueprint suit from their parents’ phase of rebellion, spamming the increasingly lulled target group with perfectly sound products, which were put together effortlessly in their shared-room apartment. No surprise that it feels like redemption, when at least one of us is willingly being the cutup, openly presenting failure and coincidence as a public life concept.

Egotronic is not exactly pursuing the masterplan of outraging the many. Instead they’re doing what seems to be logical, sensual and promising, which turns out to be equally confusing to the bro-front as well as to the hillbillies. Egotronic has never been a band chasing the lime light. And that feels pretty refreshing in a scene full of self-righteous cockalorums. Now it’s finally time to take the next step.


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