Ira Atari

Ira Atari
Jena (GER)
21.02.2020Ira AtariJena (GER)

Many things have happened since Ira Atari released her debut album „Shift” in 2011. She is not the only female Artist on Audiolith anymore, now there are more people that joined the Audiolith estrogen camp . Nevertheless its beyond all questions: Ira is somehow the „grande dame” of Audiolith.
The studied piano teacher came from Kassel to Berlin, the big, wide world. Back to zero. Restart. With new, fresh ideas in mind she started working on a new song with Phil de Gap (formerly ULTRNX), who is famous for his work as a producer (e.G. Jennifer Rostock), his remixes and his Mastering.

„Wish I Had” is the result of this collaboration and smoothly ties to the charm of the album. A catchy electronic Pop song in her very own style. Like always, her distinctive voice, that keeps a straight line within all the wild sounds, is formative for the overall picture. Textual „Wish I Had” deals with dissaponted love and with the wish to just simply forget. „I wish I had no time to think of you. I wish I had better to do.” Ira prooves, that melancholy is a thing to dance to.

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