Wroclaw (PL)
Ciało Wroclaw
24.09.2021KalipoWroclaw (PL)
Ciało Wroclaw
Poznan (PL)
Secret Location
16.10.2021KalipoPoznan (PL)
Secret Location

You can tell a live act is busy by the dark circles under their eyes, you can tell they are one of the greats by the smile they carry a few inches below. Kalipo is one of those who travel across two time zones, stay three hours ahead and still enjoy themselves. In between the zones is where he feels at ease, traveling between eccentric house and inventive electronica.

A Kalipo live set is like the Kinder Surprise Egg you always wanted but never could find. Sweet on the outside, tasty on the inside and multifunctional in every sense of the word. No take-backs, of course, as everlasting moments cannot be replaced. Music to fall into each other’s arms to, and if it’s only to not fall over. Downbeat, upbeat, backbeat, to the nine – depending on the temperature of the room and the energy, with vocal samples that tell you a story without telling you what to do. The floor turns into a flying flokati carpet, next stop recklessness.

With his albums, singles, compilation tracks and numerous remixes, Kalipo proved himself to be an allrounder and fixer upper. During his live shows this producing man-machine conjures up even more magic from his hardware. The answer to the question how this might be possible, has already left the zone. There’s still a lot to be done.

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