Love A

Love A
Trier (GER)
25.12.2022Love ATrier (GER)

Love A is like a scene in a film noir movie in which someone suddenly starts screaming at a point where you would have expected them to keep laying on the floor smoking. Then something explodes. Someone keeps on screaming. The main thing is everyone is screaming! The result is a pissed off attitude which will never end in conformism. Lyrics in which no self-optimizing person can feel at ease and music like crooked architecture which you just can’t unsee.

Sweat, tears and raised fists. Is this what you wanted ? This is punk, right? With all the emotions you only know from home. But this is about so much more as this “the-beer-is-empty-feeling”. Because everything is empty and it will never come back. It is about feelings. All of them. From way up, down to the bottom within seven shots of liquor. Meandering melancholy and precise pop music. You want to move and not get anywhere at the same time until a hole will open up a underneath you in which you can vanish, because all this affects you, too:

Every word, every note. Head off, music on. That is Love A.

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