Shatten are from Hamburg, although they are pretty glaring, but much louder than daylight, which is the eternal enemy of punk rock owls. And who else, if not frontman and pastor’s daughter Lueam, is one to watch and listen to for an evening as he intones his very own form of prayer and confrontation with the things that surround and concern us all. At the head of his snotty, resurrected band armed with defiantly creaky guitar sounds and booming bass lines.
Resurrected? Yes because FINDUS are now history. From now on, shatten cast long shadows on the world of club and festival stages in a slightly changed line-up. And if you are afraid of sounds that have become mild with age, don’t worry: it gets louder and creakier, more direct, poisonous and energetic – and yet remains as usual ingenious in detail and playful. You finally get everything that you always hoped to find in the dimly lit up to the glaring stage light: Pleasantly dangerous sound swatter. Rough mature singing. Songs bursting with nonchalance.

Thanks to shatten: Hamburg is burning again.


Press pics


Photos by Jenny Schäfer, 2021


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