Ducks on Drugs new EP “Junkietown”


Ducks on Drugs released their new Single “Irrenhaus” today! They also announced their upcoming new EP “Junkietown”. The EP will be released on April 29th, 2022 on Audiolith Records.

“Irrenhaus” describes how you can get sick yourself while your partner is being treated as an inpatient and simply cannot be there for you. This is not a hypothetical projection, but taken from our coexistence. It’s nice when you’ve found at least one person who can put up with your own behavioral problems, but it’s problematic as soon as you can no longer cling to him. The inability to be alone then quickly turns into a total crash. Irrenhaus is an attempt to turn this total crash into a danceable advantage that might carry us a little way through these situations in the future, which is to be expected, because unfortunately we are both candidates for regular stays in all sorts of clinics. “I need you every day. You’re the only one who really likes me and the only one I can put up with.” It doesn’t get any more romantic than that.

Here you can stream & buy “Irrenhaus” and pre-order “Junkietown”.


11.03.22 Hamburg – Molotow Skybar
14.03.22 Berlin – Schokoladen
17.03.22 Wuppertal – Die Börse
18.03.22 Reutlingen – Franz K
19.03.22 Biberach – Abdera
20.03.22 (CH) Basel – Hirscheneck
21.03.22 (CH) Zurich – Dynamo
22.03.22 Constance – Kulturladen
24.03.22 Kassel – Franz Ulrich
25.03.22 Flensburg – Volksbad
26.03.22 Bremen – Pusdorf Studios
30.03.22 Bielefeld – Nr. z. P.
31.03.22 Oberhausen – Druckluft
05.05.22 Bayreuth – Das Zentrum
06.05.22 Hildesheim – Kulturfabrik
07.05.22 Dortmund – Subrosa
08.05.22 Cologne – Die hängenden Gärten von Ehrenfeld
10.05.22 Oldenburg – Umbaubar
11.05.22 Hanover – Indiego Glocksee
12.05.22 Wuerzburg – Cairo
20.05.22 Chemnitz – Weltecho

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