Messed Up rehearsal concert

Greetings from Belarus! The second country in the whole of Europe where there was no lockdown. That definitely means we’re not safe. Hopefully, despite all the propaganda from TV, people understand the real threat and try to protect themselves, even if we continue to go to work, to school or to university. As for us, we tried to use this weird and strange time to our advantage. Since we do not have a quarantine, we can easily attend rehearsals and do creative work, although we try to limit our contacts. To our big regret, this summer, which was supposed to be full of festivals and concerts in Germany and Poland for Messed Up, flew by in a flash and we have nothing left but to cross our fingers and wait for the opportunity to see you again! To make this time a bit shorter, we recorded this little concert for you in our rehearsal room in Grodno ( Many thanks to our friends, who helped us to realize this idea!). We played some of our songs for you, also a really new one, that is still not released (woooho!). As we also want to use this video to stay in contact with you all, we put some small statements from us, between the songs (like on a real concert). As some of you don’t know russian, we translated it for you! We hope, you will like! Enjoy & see you soon! Cheers from Grodno, Messed up!