New Rampue live set

It has been a while since Rampue published his last live set. People all over the world have been asking for it, loudly and quietly. Some wished for it only in their heads. That’s why we are very excited that Rampue recorded his live show closing the “Wiese” stage at Garbicz festival 2018 and decided to upload to Soundcloud.

Rampue’s live shows are haunting: driven by commanding rhythms, intangible and alluring like a will-o’-the-wisp. Your heart dances in pure joy, it’s an out-of-body-experience. Right between otherworldly melodies and innately known animal cries, his music alerts your instincts and captures your mind. Like the definition of love, Rampue’s music is pure and sweet, deep and true. Let yourself go, it’s going to be a fine night tonight.

Next up is Thomas Atzmann with a new DJ set. Let this pro take you on a mission through space and time where you will meet them all: the phantom, the beat, the rhythm, time itself and your most fervent enemy – yourself. This set was recorded at Wilde Möhre Festival 2018.