Waving The Guns – new single! Upcoming album in april!


WTG is back!

With their new single „Gran Canaria“ the mighty Waving the Guns release a new track of their upcoming album. The longplayer is called „Am Käfig rütteln“ and will be published on Audiolith Records at the 08.04.2022.

Waving The Guns – Am Käfig rütteln (2LP,CD,MC,Bundler): Pre-Order

„Gran Canaria“ is a battlerap-track mixed with the feeling of vacation, the WTG typical connection between critisism and humor.

In the music video produced by Danny Kötter, you will see WTGs front rapper Milli Dance exploring Gran Canaria and how his perfomance is set up creatively at the idyllic spots of the island. But not only the moving pictures are making this song an anti summer hit – also the melodic sample beat in combination with DJ Joafs well-versed cuts create a specific dynamic and are therefore the best fundament for Milli’s punchlines.

Here you can stream „Gran Canaria“ on all streaming-platforms.




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11.03.2022 Hamburg – Uebel&Gefährlich (additional concert)
12.03.2022 Hamburg – Uebel&Gefährlich (sold out)
17.03.2022 Nürnberg – Z-Bau
18.03.2022 München – Freiheitshalle
19.03.2022 Wiesbaden – Tapefabrik
30.03.2022 Dortmund – FZW (additional concert)
31.03.2022 Dortmund – FZW (sold out)
01.04.2022 Karlsruhe – Substage
02.04.2022 Göttingen – Musa
07.04.2022 Berlin – Festsaal Kreuzberg (additional concert)
08.04.2022 Berlin – Festsaal Kreuzberg (sold out)
09.04.2022 Dresden – Tante Ju
21.04.2022 Bielefeld – Forum
22.04.2022 Köln – Gebäude 9 (sold out)
23.04.2022 Köln – Gebäude 9 (additional concert)
28.04.2022 Saarbrücken – Kleiner Klub
29.04.2022 Trier – Mergener Hof
30.04.2022 Marburg – KFZ
05.05.2022 Stuttgart – Im Wizemann
06.05.2022 Leipzig – Werk2
07.05.2022 Jena – Kassablanca
13.05.2022 Bremen – Schlachthof
04.06.2022 Rostock – IGA Park
06.10.2022 Zürich (CH) – Dynamo
07.10.2022 Bern (CH) – Dachstock
15.12.2022 Salzburg (AT) – Rockhouse

17.12.2022 Graz (AT) – ppc

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