When life gives you sun-ripened lemons, make freshly squeezed limoncello!  Aglaia is a real-life mystical goddess from techno Olympus. Her ethereal sound goes down as easy as cold-pressed olive oil and makes the dancefloor tremble like wet spaghetti. Having grown up under the Sicilian sun, Aglaia carries the Trinacria in her heart. She stands on her own three legs of the sun wheel: techno, pasta and queer feminism. Her DJ name follows this theme. She knows how to get her audience wrapped up in melodic 4/4 beats while at the same time addressing the reorganisation of the electronic music world. With the ambition that a woman on the decks will be more than just a myth, with her fast-forward sound she stands for all women who belong in the spotlight and are aware of their charisma and impact.

As part of the Audiolith family, Aglaia’s punchy DJ sets bring her Italian devotion to driving, thumping bass into techno temples like Kater Blau, Rummels Bucht, About Blank, Südpol and Uebel&Gefährlich, and with her new set “Lost”, directly to your ears. So get your espresso martini ready and prepare yourself for an energising, Etna-esque techno eruption.


Photos by Aloha Burn


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