Akne Kid Joe

AKNE KID JOE are the pimply little shit in the front row and are allergic to all sorts of things, but especially “Summer of 69” by Bryan Adams.
Music ranging from amateurish punk, 80s Lo-Fi to Classic-Rock – lyrics somewhere between Lieutenant Aldo Raine, shitstorms and coping with trauma.

Their latest Longplayer “Die große Palmöllüge” and “Die Jungs von AKJ” reached Top30 in German Album Charts lol.

AKJ is great at doing one thing live: pointing their middle fingers at others. 70% anger, 20% sarcasm & 10% pyrotechnics. Apart from all that, this is also quite a bit fun and you can roar, dance and, in the end, point your middle finger at others too.

Press pics

Photo by Danny Kötter (2023)

Photo by Sebastian König (2023)

Photos by Caro Walch (2021)

Photos by Kay Özdemir (2021)


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