Oldenburg (GER)
Einfach Kultur Open Air
03.08.2024NANTIOldenburg (GER)
Einfach Kultur Open Air

What does anger sound like? Loud, of course, but sometimes also very quiet. And then again: both. It sounds like problem analysis and social criticism, tenderness, cohesion and a sweaty dancefloor as a source of strength to fight on again tomorrow.

NANTI makes, as she herself calls it, “aus der größten Scheiße einen Gedankengarten Eden“”. With MOSAIK, the rapper with a techno background and Syrian family history is releasing her first EP – and a manifesto for dancing through even the most adverse circumstances. MOSAIK is not about thoughtless hedonism, no, NANTI dissects the hypocrisies of mainstream society, everyday racism and the patriarchy with precise punchlines and biting humor. And with plenty of bass to get the hips gyrating and a lot of raw energy.

Somewhere between intoxication and revolt, NANTI self-critically processes traumatic experiences, the injustice of life’s great lottery or concern for relatives in war and crisis regions. But she is also concerned with empowerment, with transcendence on the dancefloor, with overcoming the barriers that the system puts in the way of a woman of color, light-footed and with fuck-you attitude.

There’s “BOSS BITCH”, for example, an extremely danceable celebration of what it means to find your own way, self-determined, against all odds, no matter where – whether in the mosh pit or in business. Or the bass-driven “FASCHOS AGGRO”, which tells of the struggle between homelessness and the desire for freedom, between partying and paranoia, of letting go and moving on, with touching self-reflection. Or “SOS”, a wonderfully fun collaboration with Berlin rapper Musa, with a minimalist beat “wie ein Brett” that invites you to bootyshake and take up space: “Energie ist Leben/wir landen im Exzess“.

With each track, NANTI turns up the tempo, more rave, more discourse, more of everything – and then presents the highlight of MOSAIK with the German-Arabic “DUNKLE BLICKE”: she ruthlessly reckons with growing up in a society characterized by racism and sexism and at the same time delivers an empowerment anthem for all those who know the devaluation, the struggle, the fight. „Jedes ihrer Worte hinterließ seelische Schäden“, raps NANTI on a beat that draws on motifs from Arabic music, „bleibe anti bis sie mich begraben, weil ihre Freiheit ein Gefängnis ist“.

MOSAIK is not a collection of tracks, MOSAIK is a statement. A self-confident statement that brings together rap and politics, dancefloor and discourse at the same time. And it cements NANTI’s position as the absolute next boss bitch of German rap. Or as she herself would say: „Sei mal bisschen humble und gib Respekt!“

– Aida Baghernejad –

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