40° fever! Neonschwarz are back on working temperature. After festival summers along festivals such as Highfield and Hurricane, gigs in front of and in small clubs, youth clubs and halls the band took a small break at the Elbstrand in Hamburg. Marie Curry, Johnny Mauser, Captain Gips and Spion Y are now shaking off the sand and jumping back on the stages.

Since the first days of hip hop, the desire is to break out of life and get people to hear you, conquer and definite room. You can hear this impulse in every Song, in every verse. Since 2012 Neonschwarz are showing this with powerful shows. The easygoingness of pop and the anti-attitude of punk are here not a conflict such as political agitation and battlerap. The closer the poles are coming, the better the result. Showing backbone is also possible in the moshpit or during crowdsurfing on a pineapple mattress.

The powerfulness in Neonschwarz is also caused by the bandmembers: Marie Curry is besides vocals a first row rapper and both technically and lyrically state of the art. Because of that, Neonschwarz are feeding each other lines which makes it possible to be the suspense-packed whole. Spion Y is the technical well-versed DJ and navigator. Four characters with a shared  interest and full of left-power against the bad reality.  Thanks to the joy in hooks, punchlines and interaction, Neonschwarz are going to conquer the stages again for a big and sweaty concert. Do not miss it!

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Neonschwarz Bandfoto 2022   


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