This story could be a techno fairytale: starting out with teenage bedroom productions, now playing in the whole wide world. Everyone loves Berlin-based producer Rampue. Not only, because he still is the congenial guy with a trashy sense of humour, but also because with his no frills, tender live-sets he invades everyone’s hearts and minds. Techno reacting to the sun like the sea reacts to the moon. House inhaled by pop music, descending over the dance-floor like schlepp-bass thunder. Rampue is not only the first to play this internationally-hyped sound, but also the best.

Being part of Audiolith Records, Rampue proves that the techno pie is no longer divided between the same old labels. During the past years, he played around the globe and managed to win thousands of friends and fans in all corners of the world. Fusion Festival, Burning Man, Beirut, Istanbul, Kiev: Rampue doesn’t orbit from club to club, but from continent to continent, leaving traces of love behind. What else is there to know about him? Oh yes, his tomcat has got his own Facebook page.

Press pics


Pictures by Bastian Bochinski, 2022


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