shi offline

shi offline is where worlds collide. Between impulsiveness and tense control, destructiveness and reconstruction, Alisa and Gordian bring beauty and anti-style into a stirring conflict. The dark electro-pop songs inspired by the 90s are phonetic-spherical rave worlds; Alisa is both heroine and anti-heroine in the forest from the Blairwitch Project, full of neon tubes. The songs are modern fairy tales about family dramas, technology and love – the singer is sometimes a woman, sometimes an anti-woman. Sometimes the witch, sometimes the innocent. On stage Alisa expresses all layers of her personality and we experience a bloodbath like in the opening scene of Blade – just with broken hearts. shi offline live is like an intoxicated balancing act between frying pan and fire.



Credits Philipp Kroll

Credits Filiz Serinyel


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