Duesseldorf (GER)
04.12.2022Sorry3000Duesseldorf (GER)

Sorry3000 are a four-piece Real-Pop-Band from Saxony-Anhalt. Established in 2016 in Halle/Saale, after hard years of studying, they found themselves in psychological and psychiatrical jobs. The rest of their personal lives is top secret. Sorry3000 are giving helpful hints for all misfortunate people to make the most of their lives. For example to start with their fitness (“Ich bin heute eine Station früher ausgestiegen aus der Straßenbahn und den Rest des Wegs zu Fuß nach ausgegangen, alle habens gesehen, jeder weiß es, UND WAS HAST DU HEUT SCHON GELEISTET??”), to change the name („Denn ab heute heiß ich FRANKY“) or to blame others („Keiner hält ihn auf. Keine Rezeptpflicht!“). They are doing Real-Pop and that means: no music regarding actual trends, just the pure power of synthies, guitars, screams and vocals. Everything for the message.

Sorry3000, a band to be tipped for success. In THE popcapital of Saxony-Anhalt, Halle/Saale, they made themselves already a name. Now they cooperate with Audiolith Records to do big things. The combination speaks for itself: A Band influenced by musical heroes like Die Sterne, Tocotronic, David Bowie, Mina, Marlene Dietrich und Heins Strunk.

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Photo by Lorenz Troll

Photo by Julia Schwendner


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