Maffai release new single ‘CRUSH’

It’s just (aah) a little crush… MAFFAI will start their “Monarchie & Allrad” Tour this Friday!
This was actually scheduled for the release of the second album SHIVER (2021 kidnap music / cargo records) and had to be postponed again and again due to the pandemic. It doesn’t matter… now it’s clear that the concerts can finally take place. To give emphasis to the euphoria, the foursome from Nuremberg spontaneously sends CRUSH, a brand new piece of music and video, which picks up on a number of trademarks of their previous work. With the brisk 80s wave, the emotional dilemma between the will to change and the shackles of comfort are questioned just as much as the shameless display of one’s own sensitivities. Just another day to pour my heart out – the victim role as an end in itself and the crush on homemade self-pity. Glazed by a gooey sugar pop hook. A good opportunity to get to know or meet MAFFAI again.

Check out the tour dates and all the links for tickets here.